2 Unusual Reasons Why I’m Grateful For Tonight’s Student Worship Gathering!

We’re just hours away from our 2nd Monthly, Student Worship Night at Redemption City Church! Tonight, at 6:30pm, students and leaders from all across our area will gather for a time of fun, eating, and worship! Here are just 2 unusual reasons why I’m grateful for tonight’s student worship gathering. The Monthly Student Worship Gathering […]

The ERLC, Prestonwood, And The Mission

Since 1845, Southern Baptist’s have focused on “… eliciting, combining, and directing the energies of the Baptist denomination of Christians, for the propagation of the gospel….” While it’s true that our faithfulness to this cooperative mission has varied over the years, it’s hard not to be overwhelmed with gratitude for the grace of God so […]

4 Ways Every Christian Can Join Jesus’ Evangelistic Mission

Everyday Evangelism For Every Christian

I know a lot of Christians who wish they were more evangelistic. They long for the day when they’ll experience the great joy of leading someone to Christ. They hunger to be like the Apostles and the early church who saw unbelievers from all walks of life give their lives to Christ. The desire to […]

3 Reasons I’m Praying For More Ethnic Diversity At RCC

I love Franklin, TN. It’s an amazing city. Everything you could want from a city, small town, and country is just within a few minutes. There are great schools, people, and events. It’s the heart of Williamson County, which is one of the wealthiest counties in America. Since I’ve lived here most of my life, […]

Prestonwood, The ERLC, And The Cooperative Program

5 Prayers For Past, Present, And Future Southern Baptist Conflicts

Last week Southern Baptists learned that one of their largest churches, Prestonwood Baptist Church, is going to push pause on Cooperative Program (CP) giving. For those who know the role CP giving plays in SBC life, this announcement is a big deal. CP giving is often a key standard by which leaders and churches are […]

Father, Cause Your Holiness To Shine

1st Life-Changing Prayer

I remember exactly where I was when it happened. I was standing just outside the front door of one of my favorite Mexican restaurants. When it happened, I stopped my conversation, turned to it, and took it in. The “it” that happened was the rare appearance of the sun in January in Mid-TN. You see, […]

3 Ways To Ignite Your Prayer Life

Atheists, Childlikeness, And A God Who Can Do Anything

Why do atheists pray? Sure, not all atheists pray. But 34% of atheists said they’ve prayed. 34%! Isn’t that amazing?! I think it is. But I don’t think it’s that surprising. After all, there is something unusually beautiful about the idea that you could see miracles take place simply because you asked. There’s something incredibly […]

Join Our 30 Day Prayer Journey!

Pray With Specificity And Childlike Boldness From February 11th Through March 12th

Thirty days. That’s what we’re asking for. 30 days of specific prayer, starting this Saturday and ending March 12th. Redemption City Church is inviting anyone and everyone to join us as we take a “30 Day Prayer Journey.” We want to see the children of God call out to their heavenly Father like never before. […]

When You Feel Dead On The Inside – Part 2

10 Actions Every Struggling Christian Should Take

It wasn’t the first time I’d heard it. “I feel dead on the inside.” This sentence, or some variation of it, has come up more often than I thought it would in my time as a pastor. It’s voiced by new Christians and seasoned Christians alike. I’ve said it. Somewhere along the way a person’s […]

When You Feel Dead On The Inside – Part 1

10 Questions Every Struggling Christian Should Answer

It wasn’t the first time I’d heard it. In fact, it was something I’d been told quite a bit as a pastor. “I feel dead on the inside.” It’s voiced by new Christians and seasoned Christians alike. I’ve said it a surprising amount of times. You don’t see it coming typically. It seems to just […]