When You Feel Dead On The Inside

10 Questions Every Struggling Christian Should Answer

It wasn’t the first time I’d heard it. In fact, it was something I’d been told quite a bit as a pastor. “I feel dead on the inside.” It’s voiced by new Christians and seasoned Christians alike. I’ve said it a surprising amount of times. You don’t see it coming typically. It seems to just […]

3 Marks Of Peace-Creating Prayer

How To Face Your Problems With Unshakable Peace

I remember where I was standing in St. Louis when I got the call. It’s the call many church planters have received and every church planter fears. It was a call from the YMCA, the place our church gathers for worship, telling us that we had less than 30 days to find a new place […]

5 Life-Giving Ways Christians Can Respond To Relational Pain

As a pastor in the Nashville area—a place where churches are plentiful and Christianity is profitable—I’ve come across a lot of stories of relational pain caused by professing Christians. This reality is especially unfortunate, since most of the people I have pastored understand far more about what to do with their physical pain than they […]

The 3 Types Of Relational Pain Christians Should Be Prepared To Face

Pain. It comes in many forms. Whether it’s a broken bone or a broken relationship, life in our fallen world means we all will experience some level of pain. And I think most would agree that relational pain hurts far more than any physical injury. And, perhaps, relational pain caused by professing Christians is the […]

Words For Those In Despair

A sixteenth-century monk, John of Landsburg, imagined Jesus speaking personally to us, in his work, A Letter from Jesus Christ. I found them convicting and encouraging. Here they are: “I know those moods when you sit there utterly alone, pining, eaten up with unhappiness, in a pure state of grief. You don’t move towards me but […]

5 Takeaways From 2 Weeks Amongst Some Unreached People Groups

The last two weeks I spent time amongst a few unreached people groups and unengaged, unreached people groups on the other side of the world. If you’re new to this, an unengaged, unreached people group is an ethnic group that “has no known active church planting underway.” Just a step above that is an unreached […]

4 Neglected Truths For Change

Just about everybody is interested in how to change for the better. We make resolutions, try to create new habits, start a new diet, and any other number of things that we hope will change our lives. Unfortunately, at the very same time, smaller and smaller amounts of people—even professed Christians—believe the church is a […]