2 Unusual Reasons Why I’m Grateful For Tonight’s Student Worship Gathering!


We’re just hours away from our 2nd Monthly, Student Worship Night at Redemption City Church! Tonight, at 6:30pm, students and leaders from all across our area will gather for a time of fun, eating, and worship! Here are just 2 unusual reasons why I’m grateful for tonight’s student worship gathering.

The Monthly Student Worship Gathering Is A Unique Moment Of Kingdom Unity – Jesus calls his people to unite in Him. In one of Jesus’ most famous prayers, his “high priestly prayer,” Jesus prayed that his followers would be united (Jn 17). Christians are commanded to be united with one another. While some level of unity is often present, unfortunately, it’s rare to see expressions of our unity in Christ that reach beyond one church’s particular ministry. That’s why I’m so excited about tonight’s student gathering. At it, there will be students and leaders from several other churches and ministries. These other churches and ministries could have done any other number of things tonight, but they chose to join arms with other churches and ministries for the sake of the gospel. I think that’s a big deal. What a beautiful picture of kingdom unity!

The Monthly Student Worship Gathering Is A Unique Moment Of Kingdom Diversity – Jesus is building a united and diverse kingdom (Rev 5; 21-22). The kingdom is diverse ethnically, socio-economically, generationally, and more. But, unfortunately, our local church expressions of the kingdom aren’t usually as diverse as we’d like. That’s why I’m so grateful that tonight I’ll get to see churches and ministries gathering tonight that are made up of students that represent an unusually high level of diversity for our area. Students are coming together that don’t usually come together. What a blessing it is to see the Spirit bring all of these churches and ministries together in the gospel!

I’m so grateful for what God’s doing amongst Redemption City Church’s students and the students in our area. Would you join me in praying that God’s kingdom would advance powerfully and discernibly tonight? Would you join me in praying for these students, their leaders, and their ministries? Let’s ask God to do above and beyond all we could imagine or think in these students’ lives tonight.

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