3 Sentences Worth Celebrating

In Mid-TN, where there seems to be a church on every corner, a Bible on every bookshelf, and Jesus in every heart, it’s easy to forget that 85% (ish) of the people here don’t have a relationship with Jesus. It’s common to assume that everyone has “arrived” spiritually. It’s not unusual for people to think […]

Life After Your Short Term Mission Trip

12 Insights Worth Remembering - Part 2 of 2

Life after a mission trip can be difficult, especially when it was your first trip. It’s difficult to make sense of what you just saw while handling all of the responsibilities that have piled up. But with a little forethought, life after your mission trip can be a powerful, life-changing season. I’m praying that God […]

Life After Your Short Term Mission Trip

12 Insights Worth Remembering - Part 1 of 2

I love “mission trip meals.” Not so much for the actual food, as much fun as that can be, but to watch the way team members respond to the “exotic” meals placed before them. These meals aren’t the kind that you’ll find at Whole Foods or any other American restaurant. They are, shall we say, […]

2 Unusual Reasons Why I’m Grateful For Tonight’s Student Worship Gathering!

We’re just hours away from our 2nd Monthly, Student Worship Night at Redemption City Church! Tonight, at 6:30pm, students and leaders from all across our area will gather for a time of fun, eating, and worship! Here are just 2 unusual reasons why I’m grateful for tonight’s student worship gathering. The Monthly Student Worship Gathering […]

3 Reasons I’m Praying For More Ethnic Diversity At RCC

I love Franklin, TN. It’s an amazing city. Everything you could want from a city, small town, and country is just within a few minutes. There are great schools, people, and events. It’s the heart of Williamson County, which is one of the wealthiest counties in America. Since I’ve lived here most of my life, […]

Join Our 30 Day Prayer Journey!

Pray With Specificity And Childlike Boldness From February 11th Through March 12th

Thirty days. That’s what we’re asking for. 30 days of specific prayer, starting this Saturday and ending March 12th. Redemption City Church is inviting anyone and everyone to join us as we take a “30 Day Prayer Journey.” We want to see the children of God call out to their heavenly Father like never before. […]

3 Marks Of Peace-Creating Prayer

How To Face Your Problems With Unshakable Peace

I remember where I was standing in St. Louis when I got the call. It’s the call many church planters have received and every church planter fears. It was a call from the YMCA, the place our church gathers for worship, telling us that we had less than 30 days to find a new place […]

5 Life-Giving Ways Christians Can Respond To Relational Pain

As a pastor in the Nashville area—a place where churches are plentiful and Christianity is profitable—I’ve come across a lot of stories of relational pain caused by professing Christians. This reality is especially unfortunate, since most of the people I have pastored understand far more about what to do with their physical pain than they […]

The 3 Types Of Relational Pain Christians Should Be Prepared To Face

Pain. It comes in many forms. Whether it’s a broken bone or a broken relationship, life in our fallen world means we all will experience some level of pain. And I think most would agree that relational pain hurts far more than any physical injury. And, perhaps, relational pain caused by professing Christians is the […]

Words For Those In Despair

A sixteenth-century monk, John of Landsburg, imagined Jesus speaking personally to us, in his work, A Letter from Jesus Christ. I found them convicting and encouraging. Here they are: “I know those moods when you sit there utterly alone, pining, eaten up with unhappiness, in a pure state of grief. You don’t move towards me but […]